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SAR is a global organization established in 2012. Our core business is repairs and shipbuilding yards and services agency representation. We believe in making difference and tackling nowadays challenges by combining maritime tradition and innovative approaches.

We are highly educated professionals driven by entrepreneurial idea and open to creating partnerships. We excel in combining skills, knowledge, and operational expertise to build exciting and successful working environment.

Discover our range of specialty products and solutions, targeted to help you improve business performance.

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Mission and Vision

Our mission

Our expertise combined with modern technologies enables us to offer quality services and products that we constantly upgrade and customize to our clients' needs.

We are focused to achieving best results and proving ourselves as a reliable and credible business partner.

Our vision

Offering quality services and products we will strengthen our global presence and visibility. SAR will be perceived as reliable and trusted first choice partner in the long run.

Our Scope

Whether ship’s only passing by and having urgent need for corrective repairs or requiring complex project quotation, with SAR you may stay assured to the absolute care of your needs and best quality vs. prices.

Currently we are present in east part of the Mediterranean Sea. We will closely check your inquiries and suit any requirement you may have:

Thank you for your interest in our Company.



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Quality, competence, experience

We are committed to continuous quality improvement. We deliver premium value and strive to earn our customers and partners trust.


We never compromise safe and healthy workplace while promoting highest industry standards.


We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came.


We are highly motivated individuals who excel in a team-based environment.


We value diversity of people, experience and thought.